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Sunbrella Fabric and Neighbor Outdoor Furniture

Made to last, Sunbrella fabric is the perfect partner for Neighbor’s sustainably crafted modern outdoor furniture.


ince launching in 1961, Sunbrella has achieved quite the status for high-performance outdoor fabrics. They have what every customer wants: lasting durability, stain resistance, UV protection, and hundreds of colors and styles to choose from. Plus, Sunbrella is constantly working to lessen their impact on the planet. For outdoor furniture, awnings, boat upholstery, window treatments, and more, Sunbrella is a consistent category leader and designer favorite.

What you might not know about Sunbrella is the rich history of Glen Raven, their family-owned parent company. Founded in 1880 as a cotton mill, Glen Raven was a leader in producing parachute fabric during World War II, invented the first-ever pantyhose, and provided the nylon fabric used in the American flag planted on the moon during the Apollo 11 space mission. Sunbrella is more than just a maker of worry-free fabric; they are pioneers.

Neighbor’s modern, quality-crafted furniture showcases the style, feel, and comfort of Sunbrella fabrics, which, of course, is the ideal choice for outdoor furniture upholstery, where exposure to the elements is inevitable. Working with Sunbrella, Neighbor continues to create new collections of contemporary outdoor lounge furniture, throw pillows, and rugs made to last a long time outdoors.

The first pantyhose, called Panti-Legs, were pioneered by Glen Raven in the 1950's. Owner Allen Gant Sr. began experimenting with the product when his pregnant wife was struggling to put on her garter-belted stockings.

A closer look at Sunbrella fabric performance

The reason Sunbrella fabrics perform so well outdoors is that they’re made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic. Solution-dyed acrylics are durable, high-performance fibers that are saturated with color and UV-stabilized pigments before being spun into yarn. Adding the pigment to the core of the fibers makes the fabric fade-resistant and vibrant even after prolonged exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Comparatively, other types of indoor and outdoor fabrics are dyed after the material is woven and are susceptible to fading and discoloration.

Durability is another key advantage of Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic fabric. For one, the dye penetrates deep into the fibers, so the color stays true over time and maintains the strength and integrity of the fabric through years of cleaning, wear, and exposure to the elements.

Beyond its performance, Sunbrella fabric is renowned for being easy to clean and maintain. Unlike many other fabrics that require specialized cleaning methods, Sunbrella fabric is machine washable. Its stain resistance also simplifies the removal of dirt, spills, and stubborn stains. Bottom line, Sunbrella fabric is exceptionally long-lasting, stain-resistant, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and capable of withstanding frequent use and outdoor elements without deteriorating.

Before they're spun into yarns and woven into fabric, Sunbrella dyes its fibers to the core. Color is completely throughout the fibers instead of the exterior only, which is important for sustained UV-exposure. With color throughout the core, Sunbrella fabrics will continue to perform and won't ever fade no matter how much sun exposure they receive, making them perfect for outdoor use.

A shared dedication to sustainability

Both Neighbor and Sunbrella are committed to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. Neighbor uses eco-friendly materials and production methods whenever possible, while Sunbrella is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact through initiatives such as recycling and waste reduction and a goal of zero-waste to landfill manufacturing practices.

Some of the Sunbrella fabrics available for Neighbor’s lounge collections and rugs contain up to 93% post-industrial recycled fibers. The recycled fabric program at Sunbrella offers finished product with subtle flecks of color that tell the story of the life of the yarn.

Neighbor and Sunbrella: Worry free fabrics and long-lasting furniture

Neighbor is known for their exceptional craftsmanship, high-end design, and dedication to durability. The furniture and outdoor accessories like rugs and lighting not only look good but are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, making them the perfect choice for outdoor living spaces. When you combine Neighbor's sturdy frames with resilient Sunbrella fabrics, you get outdoor furniture that not only adds style but also stands the test of time. Whether you're lounging by the pool, hosting a barbecue with friends, or simply enjoying a quiet moment in your backyard, Neighbor outdoor furniture and Sunbrella fabric make it easy to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space.

“We started Neighbor with the goal of making comfortable, long-lasting, and design-forward outdoor furniture,” says Nick Arambula, Neighbor CEO and co-founder.  “Working with Sunbrella and the team at Glen Raven has helped make that goal a reality. Sunbrella fabrics exemplify how style, comfort, and sustainability can coexist in the outdoor space, and our customers feel a sense of trust when they see the Sunbrella brand name.”

Sunbrella outdoor fabrics are engineered to withstand Mother Nature, resisting the harmful effects of exposure to the sun, rain, humidity. They are also engineered with built-in stain resistance and a protective finish that won’t wash away, standing up to life’s toughest messes.

Another advantage of a Neighbor and Sunbrella partnership is the wide range of design options available. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or subtle neutrals, there's a Sunbrella fabric that's perfect for you. Neighbor’s newest collections, Roundabout and Trase, for example, are offered in bold blue and green hues that add a pop of color to your outdoor space and stand out against the exterior of your home and garden.

Ultimately, Neighbor and Sunbrella epitomize a harmonious blend of style, durability, and sustainability in the realm of outdoor living. Both brands prioritize sustainable practices, ensuring that every piece, not only enhances outdoor spaces but will help minimize environmental impact. Looking at Neighbor’s new and bestselling collections, you’ll see how Neighbor’s modern designs are complemented by worry-free Sunbrella fabrics. With minimal shipping fees on every order and a 5-year warranty on all fabric, Neighbor makes products worth the investment in quality and comfort and is the ultimate choice for those who value both style and sustainability in their outdoor lifestyle.

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