Outdoor Sectionals

Redesign your outdoor haven with a customizable outdoor sectional. Built to work with your space, and to provide you with the same high level of comfort you would expect indoors.

Neighbor aluminum outdoor sectional and coffee table

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Outdoor Sectionals

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Outdoor Sectionals

Frequently asked Questions

The main difference between a sofa and a sectional lies in their design. A sofa is typically configured in one straight line. A sectional is generally L-shaped, U-shaped or arranged however you like.

Sectionals are often more expensive than traditional sofas due to their larger size, customizable configurations, and additional components. Quality materials, intricate designs, and the flexibility to adapt to different spaces contribute to the higher cost of manufacturing and purchasing sectionals.

When choosing a sectional, consider the size of the space, layout, and your specific seating needs. Measure and evaluate the sectional's configuration options, and select durable upholstery suited to the outdoors. Additionally, prioritize comfort, ensuring the sectional meets your relaxation and aesthetic preferences.