Why Fabrics Matter in Interior Design

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How to approach adding textiles to your space.

Neighbor Outdoor Living Room

Curating furniture, textiles, and decor to create the space you’ve been dreaming of can feel like a daunting task. Here’s a tip: don’t aim for perfection. Hone in on a few key elements and you’ll finish with a stylish space you love that feels like home.

One thing interior designers never overlook is textiles. The texture, color, and weight of things like curtains, rugs, upholstery, umbrellas and pillows tie everything together and set the mood of a space. Textiles are also the best way to update a space to fit a new trend or season, even if you simply swap your throw blankets and pillows.

Here’s how to approach adding textiles to your space ahead of spring when you might be planning to refresh your home or patio.

Haven Chair with rug

Why are textiles important?

Like furniture, fabrics are used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Textiles add color, depth, and visual interest but also diffuse light, cover hard surfaces, and make a space more livable and comfortable. For outdoor spaces in particular, the fabrics you choose should feel natural and be able to stand up to the elements. As you narrow in on your design style, mix and match textile swatches with the other materials you are planning to incorporate in the room. Seek subtle patterns, deep colors, and a variety of textural elements throughout the space.

Neighbor Swatch Kit

Why Neighbor furniture is made with Sunbrella

When designing furniture made for outdoor living, comfort, and style we searched for the best materials for both performance and the planet. Our outdoor cushion covers are made with Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic, which is stain resistant, easy-to-clean, and fade-proof. In terms of design, Sunbrella fabrics are comfortable, soft to touch, and textured like indoor fabrics, which will make your space feel more elevated. We have 6 colors to choose from, including 4 premium fabrics with 50% recycled fiber content.

Haven Collection in Leaf

Designer tips and tricks

Interior designers know, even the tiniest details that go into the design of a space can make a big difference. Fabrics define the aesthetic of a space and add warmth to hard surfaces like stone and cement or older properties of your home. When it comes to fabrics, interior designers and stylists say to consider durability and how you will interact with the fabric before you make any choices. For outdoor spaces, you’ll need to prioritize durability and performance. Look into the cleaning and care requirements of the fabric and find a balance of practicality and style

When planning a space in your home, lean on textiles to express the style and mood you want. Natural, neutral tones for larger items like curtains, rugs, and sofas play well with patterns, trendy textures, and bold hues in final touches like throw pillows and blankets. For more on the Sunbrella fabric used in our Haven collection, click here.

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