The Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Outdoor Furniture Covers

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Tips on what to look for in an outdoor furniture cover to help extend the useful life of your outdoor furniture

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The Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Outdoor Furniture Covers

When it comes to designing the ideal outdoor space, we understand you’ve invested your time and money to find the perfect outdoor furniture pieces to reflect your unique style while providing unmatched comfort year after year. With that in mind, taking the time to give your furniture additional protection to limit any possible damage is a no-brainer. By using high-quality outdoor furniture covers, you can extend the life of your furniture while simultaneously limiting the required maintenance. Explore these tips so you can waste less time cleaning your furniture and spend more time relaxing outside with loved ones.

Benefits of Using Patio Furniture Covers

We know how integral your patio furniture can be to your outdoor space, whether it’s dinner with loved ones or grilling for the big game. Outdoor furniture covers ensure each piece of furniture in your backyard remains clean, protected from the elements, and ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice.

No matter what material your furniture is made of, an uncovered backyard can leave you with a rain-covered sofa, pollen-coated tables, and the task of cleaning any furniture before its used. Along with weather-resistant material, high quality patio furniture covers come with thoughtfully designed features to elevate the ease of use and ensure your furniture stays protected during any weather conditions.

Features to look for in Patio Furniture Cover

Not all outdoor furniture covers are made the same. We’ve laid out the key features to look for when purchasing furniture covers. At Neighbor, we also make sure that all of our covers are custom made for each furniture piece to provide the most robust protection.


  • Tear-Resistant Ripstop Fabric: This durable fabric is engineered to withstand fading, cracking, and tearing

  • Waterproof Seam Binding: Rot-resistant thread and waterproof seam binding keep water out so your furniture is dry and ready to enjoy.

  • Buckle Straps: These straps keep the cover secure and prevent it from blowing off during severe wind.

  • Covered Vents: The vents boost airflow, allowing trapped moisture to evaporate, preventing mold or mildew growth.

  • Drawcord Locking System: The drawcord keeps the cover securely on the furniture to prevent ballooning on windy days.

  • Solution-Dyed Material: This gives the polyester top-rated fade and stain resistance and increases overall strength.

Preserving the Allure of Teak Furniture

Teak wood has long been revered for its natural beauty, durability, and resistance to outdoor elements. This is why it has continued to be the preferred choice when making high-quality outdoor furniture. However, even teak can benefit from additional protection. From maintaining the wood’s beautiful finish to ensuring your furniture is clean and ready to enjoy, here are just a few ways using outdoor furniture covers can help preserve your teak furniture.

weathered teak


As displayed perfectly on this dining set, teak furniture is known for its beautiful honey-golden hue. Over time, teak wood naturally begins to develop a distinguished silver patina which can be expedited if left exposed to rain and UV rays. For those who prefer the original gold color, a weatherproof table cover can aid in slowing down the patina process. The cover serves as a barrier between the elements and the wood so you can keep your furniture at the desired color.

In areas with torrential rain or heavy snow, the cover keeps water out while allowing moisture to evaporate quickly by utilizing breathable mesh vents. Although the elements won't have adverse effects on the wood in the short term, it’s always a good idea to take extra care of your teak furniture to ensure it looks as new as the day it arrived.

Limit Maintenance

Coming out to your backyard in the hopes of having a relaxing afternoon only to find your teak furniture covered in dirt, leaves, pollen, or more can be a pain. Although most debris won’t cause any lasting damage, the time you spend cleaning can really start to add up. Not to mention the unfortunately common stains homeowners find on their patio furniture in the form of bird droppings and tree sap. Unlike debris, these annoying stains can take much more time to remedy. Investing in a quality furniture cover will allow you to enjoy your furniture at anytime without the hassel of cleaning.

Safeguarding Concrete Furniture

Concrete furniture is known for its modern and minimalist aesthetic, making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture. Along with its eye-catching appeal, concrete furniture like this modern take on a fire pit table fare great against almost any element you can throw at it without showing much sign of wear and tear. However, despite its sturdiness, concrete can see significant benefits from additional protection from the elements to ensure it looks as good as new and is always ready to enjoy. Consider the following benefits of using premium furniture covers for concrete pieces.

rook fire table

Enhancing Durability

Although concrete is a robust material, in extreme conditions, the surface can begin to show signs of wear and tear if not regularly maintained or protected. Like sidewalks and driveways, concrete can show signs of discoloration if exposed to the elements for an extended period, but this doesn’t mean the effects aren’t preventable. By simply using an all-season cover, you can add a layer of protection to your already durable furniture and ensure it always looks its best.

Eliminate Debris

If you own a fire pit, you are all too familiar with forgetting to put its lid back on and coming out the following day to find it filled with leaves, nuts, or, even worse, water. On the other hand, if your fire pit has a beautiful teak lid or one made of more delicate material, adding some additional protection is always a good idea. While your fire pit will surely be unharmed, cleaning up the accumulated debris is less than ideal when you're looking to relax after a long day. With the convenience of an outdoor cover, your fire pit, lid, and any internal components will remain shielded from the elements.

Aluminum Furniture Protection

Unlike natural materials traditionally used in outdoor furniture, aluminum-constructed pieces are extraordinarily durable and lightweight. This makes aluminum furniture like the Terra Collection an excellent option for those who want low-maintenance furniture without sacrificing quality. Pairing your furniture with a well-fitted patio furniture cover enhances the low-maintenance nature of aluminum furniture by keeping rain, debris, and scratches at bay.

Scratch Protection

While aluminum is undoubtedly resilient to most damage, we all know that life’s accidents still happen. From children and pets to objects passing by, your uncovered furniture can get its fair share of small knicks and scratches that really start to add up over time. After investing in high-quality furniture, why not take the extra step to ensure it stays scratch free and looks as good as the day it was purchased?

Fade Resistance

Aluminum outdoor furniture often boasts vibrant colors and finishes, making them a great way to add a pop of color and personality to any outdoor setting. However, continuous exposure to sunlight can lead to the once-bright colors fading over time. Premium furniture covers offer unmatched UV protection to help maintain the original finish, ensuring your outdoor furniture remains beautiful and vibrant year after year.

Investing in high-quality furniture covers is an investment in your furniture's longevity and visual appeal, regardless of the material. Whether you prefer teak, concrete, or aluminum, each material can see numerous benefits for added protection. By utilizing top-notch furniture covers, you can shield your furniture from UV rays, moisture, stains, scratches, and more, ensuring that your precious pieces remain pristine and ready to enjoy for years.

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