How To Choose A Patio Dining Set

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What to consider when choosing the perfect patio dining set

How To Choose A Patio Dining Set

A well-designed outdoor space is a worthy investment for your home and family. A durable patio dining set invites family dinners, summer cookouts, and nights with friends.

To choose a patio dining set that’s right for your space, consider your style, the material it is made with and your budget. Don’t know where to start? We did the research for you. Here’s how to choose a patio dining space for your next outdoor meal.

What to consider for your outdoor dining space

Neighbor Outdoor Dining SetHere are some important question to consider when finding the right dining set for your space:

How big is your outdoor space?

You want your outdoor dining set to fit the size and shape of your outdoor space. Your dining set should complement your space without consuming your space. To design a larger outdoor sanctuary, a lengthy yard table set will ensure that all of your guests are comfortable, with enough room to dish out a fresh charcuterie board. For cozy nooks or snug patios, you may find that a comfortable yet modest outdoor dining set creates the perfect atmosphere.

How many chairs do you realistically need?

Consider the purpose of your space. What does ‘dining’ mean to you? Are you one to host a lively dinner party, or is an intimate wine night more your style? You’ll want to choose an outdoor dining set with seating options that align with your lifestyle. If you’re the person in your friend group who always offers up their place for a nightcap, it’s a good idea to look for an outdoor dining table that accommodates six or seven people at a time. If you’re someone who likes to keep your circle tight with only your friends and family visiting your personal haven, a more intimate table with four seats may be an ideal solution. For a relaxed space that seats both smaller groups and larger groups, a modular outdoor sofa and chair set paired with a modern teak coffee table is guaranteed to wow your friends and family and entertain your smaller guests. Neighbor outdoor dining furniture is kid-friendly and built to endure.

Which furniture materials best suit your area’s climate?

Your outdoor furniture materials can make or break your outdoor space. If your table set or sofa isn’t designed to endure the weather in your region, you’ll be replacing your furniture a lot sooner than you hoped. For wetter regions of the world or areas that face harsh winters, durability is key. Choose outdoor furniture pieces that are specifically engineered for all-weather resistance. Common outdoor furniture materials like wrought iron, wicker and rattan are not made to repel water, prevent rot, or sustain heavy winds. When it comes to outdoor furniture, teak wood reigns high on the list of durable yet beautiful materials. Teak wood is a durable hardwood with natural oils that repel water and resist mold, mildew, and cracks. Neighbor teak wood outdoor dining sets are designed to withstand all of the elements, no matter where you live. Adding a teak patio furniture cover will also increase longevity and preserve the original beauty of your dining set as the seasons change.

How often will you need to move your table and chairs?

If you plan on flexibility in your outdoor layout, you’ll want a lightweight dining set that can be moved and re-designed as you need. Save yourself the trouble by opting for a quality dining set that won’t require more than two people to lift.

What style or theme are you aiming for?

Style is subjective and personal. Your outdoor patio is an opportunity to express your style and create the mood that makes you feel inspired, at peace, and connected with friends and family. Quality outdoor furniture will be a part of your home for years - maybe even a decade or two. The ideal dining set reflects your unique taste but offers flexibility for future redesign. Consider a thoughtful mix of beautiful natural wood and stone with a durable outdoor rug to tie it all together.

Consider the placement of your patio dining set

Neighbor Outdoor Dining SetWhen selecting your outdoor dining set, consider the placement of your furniture. Your dining set should be both functional and beautiful. The ideal patio dining set is comfortable and practical for your guests sitting down, standing up, and moving around. A table that backs up into a wall is likely to make your guests feel cramped and a bit awkward when they need to use the bathroom. Arranging your patio doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply imagine yourself as a guest at the table and visualize the motions of pulling out a seat, sitting back with a comfortable cushion, having sufficient room for long arms and legs, snacking on center dishes, and hanging around the table to chat with friends and family. Consider the type of surface below your guests’ feet. A permeable patio surface, like a wooden deck, can cause your table and chairs to be wobbly and unstable. If this is the case for your outdoor oasis, add a durable outdoor rug that helps stabilize your set.

The benefits of teak wood in your outdoor dining set

Neighbor Outdoor Dining SetTeak wood is one of the best materials you can choose for your outdoor dining set. Naturally resistant to fungi, wood rot, and pesky insect infestations, teak wood makes for highly-functional and practical patio furniture that can be left outside in the winter, summer, autumn and spring.

Natural Material

Teak wood is a natural material with deep historic roots. This beautiful material has been the wood of choice for shipbuilders due to its unique water resistant qualities. It doesn’t have to be treated to prevent termite infestations; in fact, it naturally repels termites.

Stylistically Appealing

Teak real wood patio sets are undeniably appealing and designed to enhance any outdoor space or indoor space. Teak wood material brings a natural look and feel to your patio, while maintaining a handcrafted, contemporary style.

Easy Care

When shopping for the perfect outdoor dining set, ease of cleaning and maintenance are major factors to consider. Teak doesn’t require any special treatment for it to retain its beauty, quality and durability for years ahead. Teak wood actually becomes more beautiful over time, gradually evolving from a honey gold to silvery gray patina. Cleaning your teak wood outdoor dining set is simple. It only requires mild soap, lukewarm water, and a very soft nylon brush to remove dirt, moss, or water stains and restore its natural, rich color with each use.

Benefits of woven rope

Woven rope is another material you’d ideally want in your patio dining set. Eye-catching, unique and highly-functional for outdoor use, woven rope is an excellent choice that adds more style and durability to your space. Paired beautifully with teak wood, woven rope is a high performance material that comes in classic modern designs and immediately elevates any patio or balcony space.

Weather Resistant

Woven rope furniture is engineered to withstand the elements, rain or shine, wind or snow. This material is treated to endure wear and fading from the sun, and allows rain and snow to glide right through the weaved pattern.


This durable outdoor rope material comes in a variety of colors and designs, braided, woven, thin, crocheted, or mixed. Woven rope matches almost any style and gives an outdoor space a professionally-designed yet casual look.

The right outdoor dining set will bring your patio to life

Purchasing a dining set, rather than individual pieces, ensures that your dining table and dining chairs are consistent in design. Let’s face it; it’s a lot easier to purchase an already-beautifully-designed set with quality materials than it is to find individual pieces that match in style, seat height, and longevity. Neighbor furniture is made with durable weather-resistant materials that don't sacrifice beauty or feel.

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