Behind the Design: Low Chair Jr.

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Meet our new Low Chair Jr., a solid teak kids Adirondack chair for all seasons

Behind the Design: Low Chair Jr.

Great design isn’t just for grown-ups. Introducing the Low Chair Jr., a kids-sized outdoor Adirondack chair and mini version of our best selling Low Chair in teak. As an outdoors brand built on the idea of spending more quality time outdoors with friends and family, a kids outdoor chair has been a long time coming and something we’re really excited to see in the wild in backyards across the country.

Low Chair Jr.

The design

The design of the Low Chair Jr. isn’t new. We basically shrunk our original Low Chair design to the perfect size for little kids. It’s practical, modern, and beautiful and will look great in any space on your patio. The Low Chair is sturdy and comfortable with a relaxed recline, curved back, and wide armrests.

FSC-certified teak outdoor chair

The materials

Like the rest of our teak outdoor furniture, the Low Chair Jr. exudes high quality and is crafted from premium materials. It is built with solid sustainably-sourced FSC-certified teak that has been kiln-dried for extra strength and durability. Teak is naturally water and rot-repellent and will patina to a silvery grey color over time. The chair also features wood joinery which makes it stronger and longer-lasting, and marine-grade stainless steel hardware that resists corrosion. You can leave this chair out in any weather or temperature and it will last for many, many years.

The Low Chair

Tested for kids

When translating our Low Chair design to a kids chair, we needed to ensure its safety, comfort, and durability for use by children. For example, all of the chairs edges are slightly rounded for parents peace of mind. We think the chair is perfect for kids because it is comfortable and sturdy and the wood can be easily restored to its original condition after years of wear and tear. You don’t have to worry about spills or playtime and can focus on what truly matter when you are outdoors with your family: fun.

The Low Chair Jr. is now available and will make the perfect holiday gift for kids. Enjoy the little things! Shop now.

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