Complete Guide to Outdoor Footrests and Ottomans

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Explore the versatility of outdoor footstools, poufs and more.

Complete Guide to Outdoor Footrests and Ottomans

An outdoor footrest or ottoman is a multi-functional piece of furniture that resembles a seat without arms. Ottomans come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can function as chairs or extra seating for guests, coffee tables to set food and drinks, space to store items or belongings, or as decor to bring warmth to an outdoor living space. These furniture pieces can be arranged at the end of an outdoor sectional to rest feet, or beside a coffee table to extend usable space and create additional surfaces. This is your guide to different types of ottomans, different uses for outdoor footrests and features to look for in the perfect outdoor pouf.

Different types of footrests/ottomans

Patio ottomans and footrests are particularly versatile and come in different shapes, like circles, rectangles, and squares, different sizes to accommodate various needs, and can be made of a range of different materials. Footrests may be inflatable or firm and are ideal for small spaces, patios, balconies, gardens or bigger yards. An ottoman may be a part of an outdoor chair with a footrest set, or it can come in the form of an inflatable outdoor ottoman. Inflatable ottomans can be pumped up or deflated as needed for portability, and be brought out during parties and events where additional seating is needed.

Circle ottoman

Circular or round ottomans are often found in outdoor and indoor living spaces as additional table space and contemporary-style footrests. They may be upholstered with fabric, made entirely of wood, inflatable and made of PVC plastic, or made of high-quality Sunbrella acrylic yarn, like Neighbor’s Braid Ottoman outdoor pouf. Our outdoor ottoman features woven braids of all-weather resistant Sunbrella yarn that make them the perfect accessory for outdoor comfort. Filled with firm, quick drying foam and post-industrial recycled fibers that make up 75% of its contents, the Braid outdoor Ottoman can provide extra seating, a side table, or somewhere for you and your guests to kick your feet up.

Rectangular ottoman

Rectangle outdoor ottoman

Rectangular ottomans are often larger in size than circular ottomans and are commonly used as coffee tables featured in the center of outdoor living spaces, storage ottomans to hide belongings, or gliding type footrests that move with you as you adjust your footing. Typically designed with a flat top surface for setting food and drinks, rectangular ottomans may be made of leather, wood, microfiber or other soft fabrics. These types of indoor or outdoor footstools are generally larger in size and may be more of a permanent furniture piece than one that can be moved around for guests on the fly.

Square ottoman

Like the rectangular ottoman, square ottomans are perfect for relaxing and kicking back to rest your feet. Square ottomans can be larger in size and serve as a centerpiece in the home or in an outdoor living space, as a convenient extra seat for guests, or as a sophisticated side table. Square indoor and outdoor ottomans may be made of leather, inflatable PVC plastic, or real teak wood like Neighbor’s teak outdoor ottoman.

Our modern teak outdoor ottoman is the perfect modular piece for an outdoor living room. Made with a solid teak wood frame, quick drying foam and life-proof Sunbrella cushion covers that come in a variety of colors, our outdoor ottoman is intended for lounging and has a sophisticated design making it an ideal option for an indoor ottoman too. Like all of our quality outdoor products, our teak outdoor ottoman comes with free shipping.

Features to look for in an ottoman

With varying features, elements and designs in ottomans or footstools, these multifunctional furniture pieces offer a range of benefits. Knowing what to look for in an ottoman or pouf can help you decide on the perfect one to design a more relaxing outdoor space.


A patio footrest or ottoman can provide valuable space to store outdoor blankets, cushions, remotes or other living space items. Some footstools feature a lid that hinges from the body of the footrest to provide storage space, while others may have a completely removable lid to provide storage in the body of the footstool. If you host family, friends and guests in your outdoor living space, choosing a footstool with inner storage can be ideal for keeping your space tidy and organized while being practical for everyday life.

Long lasting materials

Concrete table

Outdoor footstools and ottomans should be made to weather outdoor elements, like humidity, rain, UV exposure, winds that pick up unexpectedly, bugs and pests, as well as accidents and spills. If you plan to use your ottoman as a footrest or extra seating, you’ll want one with durable fabric or materials that are easy to clean, maintain and wipe down after use.

If you want your ottoman to double as an outdoor side table, it’s best to choose one with water-resistant fabric and quick drying foam. Neighbor's teak outdoor ottoman is ideal for accommodating all living space needs with water-repellant, rot-resistant teak wood, marine-grade hardware for all-weather corrosion resistance, and stain-resistant, fade-proof Sunbrella fabric.


Choosing comfortable furniture pieces is key to creating an outdoor living space that mimics your indoor space and feels inviting and welcoming year-round. While inflatable outdoor ottomans may be convenient, their flexible, yielding nature may not provide the most comfortable seating option for guests. However, an outdoor ottoman pouf made of firm, comfortable quick-drying foam and thickly braided, premium Sunbrella yarn can function as a supportive chair or relaxing footstool for extended periods of time.

If you’re looking to throw the perfect outdoor party, ensuring comfortable ottomans and footstools for guests is a good place to start. For maximum comfort, you may look for outdoor chairs with footrests, like Neighbor’s Low Chair. Our Adirondack chair made with FSC-certified teak wood is sturdy and comfortable with a relaxed recline, curved back, wide armrests and a teak wood outdoor footstool.

Design compatibility

The right ottoman will complement your living space and help elevate your outdoor design. Look for design features to suit the atmosphere of your patio space, whether it’s modern and modular, minimalist with romantic outdoor lighting, rustic, minimalist or maximalist. Neighbor’s ottoman pouf has a variety of color options, including ebony, granite, wheat and basil. Our teak outdoor ottoman features Sunbrella acrylic fabric in a range of colors, including greystone, coal, rust, leaf and more. For any color scheme or patio design, Neighbor has the perfect ottoman to bring indoor sophistication to your outdoor space.

Compact size

A compact ottoman or footstool can provide another surface or seat without taking up too much space in your living area. Smaller footstools can be moved, stowed away or nested under your outdoor dining table when not in use to free up floor space. Modular type ottomans with a compact size, like our teak ottoman, can be customized and moved around with ease to fit any space, be positioned at the end of a couch, or transform from a footrest to an outdoor side table with minimal effort.

The Neighbor teak ottoman is 31 pounds, lightweight enough to be carried and moved with ease, but substantial enough not to risk falling over or losing balance in the wind. With compact dimensions (width 31” x depth 31” x height 18”), The Ottoman fits living spaces of all sizes. Alongside an outdoor sofa and chair in your patio space, an ottoman or footstool can take your guests’ comfort to the next level. Having additional surface space readily available can take you and your guests’ comfort to the next level, which is a great reason to own an outdoor sofa and chair with durable footstools.

Easy assembly

When it comes to outdoor furniture, the easier the assembly, the better. One important feature to look for in an ottoman is easy assembly with few tools and boxes required and clear, concise assembly instructions. Quality ottomans can be highly durable, yet simple to build. Take a look at our furniture assembly instructions to see how simple assembling an ottoman or footstool can be.Sunbrella fabric ottoman

Outdoor ottomans and footstools add beauty, comfort and functionality

Adding an ottoman or footrest atop a cozy flatweave rug in your outdoor living space is a simple way to immediately enhance your patio design, create additional seating for guests, and maintain a comfortable space for year-round relaxation. Neighbor’s ottomans are some of our best choice products for durable outdoor living. Designed with comfort and longevity in mind, our outdoor furniture collection features weather-resistant and stain-proof Sunbrella fabrics, sustainably-sourced materials like FSC-certified teak wood, and thoughtful designs for the modern home.


Purchasing sustainable outdoor furniture is something to feel good about. While teak is an ideal material for outdoor footrests and outdoor furniture sets, irresponsible harvesting of teak wood has had a negative environmental and social impact. For this reason, we committed to using teak harvested from FSC-certified forests, which means our outdoor furniture is sustainably sourced and responsibly harvested. Interested in learning more about the teak wood used in our footstools, tables and chairs? Check out our teak outdoor furniture buying guide.

At Neighbor, we underwent hours of researching, designing, and testing before we decided on materials that would ensure sustainability, durability, and of course, comfort. Shop our collection and learn more about Neighbor and our mission to provide durable, weather-resistant outdoor furniture that doesn't sacrifice beauty or feel.

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