On The Horizon

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With 2023 right around the corner, the Neighbor team reflects on our motivations and aspirations, as well as what’s coming next.

On The Horizon

On why it matters to be outside:

The benefits and importance of spending time outdoors are increasing each year. Tuning into the rhythm, light and soundscape of natural places restores the stolen focus and attention we need to engage in long conversations, reading, and deep, critical thinking.Neighbor team

On creating space for moments:

Whether its connection and celebration with others or peace and discovery with our natural environment, we all look for moments of joy, inspiration, and fulfillment within our day to day lives. These moments require us to step out, and be comfortable and present in there here and now. They rarely come to us; we have to pursue them.

On the importance of good design:

Comfort, durability, color, shape: the design of a piece of furniture and how it fulfills its function plays a part in the overall feeling of a space. With a lot of reflection and revision, we are continually exploring and testing new materials and designs that will stand the test of time against outdoor elements and consumer trends.

Neighbor design team

On what’s next:

Next year you'll see us introduce new products, new materials, and something to make your outdoor space a little brighter. Collectively, we're still inspired by the same things that motivated us to start the company: thoughtful design, more time outside and making space for moments with those you love.

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