How to Style Outdoor Throw Pillows like a Designer

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Expert tips on how to refresh your outdoor space with throw pillows

How to Style Outdoor Throw Pillows like a Designer

Throw pillows are an easy way to refresh your outdoor living room style, welcome a new season, or make your outdoor sofa or sectional into a cozy outdoor sanctuary. When choosing the right throw pillows for your outdoor furniture, look closely at the quality and performance reputation of the materials used. The best outdoor fabric should be able to endure the elements, be easy to clean, and feel soft to the touch. You’ll also want to think about with size and amount of pillows you’ll need. Designers say a sofa can handle between 3-5 pillows and that you should mix and match shapes and sized to create the layered look you often see in magazines. From how to select the right outdoor throw pillows, which materials to choose, and how to place them depending on the size of your furniture, here’s how to decorate with pillows like a pro.

How to style outdoor throw pillows

Mix pillow sizes and shapes

For visual interest, vary the size and shape of your pillows. Mix in round, square, lumbar, and rectangle pillows to create a layered look that add visual interest and feels more organic. Same goes for size. When stacking, place larger pillows at the back, and toss in a smaller or lumbar pillow as you move forward and/or inward. You can use your largest pillows as bookends at the end of your sofa or in the corner of large outdoor sectional.

Haven Throw Pillow

How many throw pillows should I use?

While there’s no right number of pillows, designers say an odd number of pillows on a sofa or sectional helps create balance. A typical indoor or outdoor sectional can handle 5-9 pillows, whereas a sofa fits more like 3-5. Because of the sculptural shape of the Neighbor Sofa, with cushion or teak arm rests, styling can be kept minimal and intentional if you prefer.

Neighbor outdoor chair and pillow

How to choose a fabric for outdoor throw pillows

When selecting outdoor pillows for your backyard or patio, durability is a top priority. High-performing fabrics from brands like Sunbrella will mean your pillows will last longer and look as good as new season after season. Our Haven Throw Pillows are made with premium Sunbrella fabric and have a down-like polyfil insert. We choose Sunbrella fabric because it is fade-proof, stain-resistant and machine-washable.

No matter how you use them, outdoor throw pillows soften the look of your outdoor living room and make the space more inviting. They are a great way to show off your personal style and increase the comfort of your outdoor furniture.

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